Since the late 20th century, granite has been the dominant stone behind the natural stone countertop movement; offering a mixture of enormous variety, unparalleled durability, and unique natural beauty, granite is often considered to be the best natural stone available for use in the home. With granite as popular a countertop material as it is, it should be no surprise that dozens of granite countertop brands have been formed to capitalize on this beautiful stone, each offering their own unique designs and advantages over one another. At AA Marble & Granite, we’ve sifted through hundreds of granite countertop brands and identified 8 suppliers that meet our stringent requirements for high-quality, affordable, beautiful pieces of granite, and we’ve cataloged what makes each of these brands worth considering for your next granite countertop brand project.

Our granite countertop brand guide includes essential stats for every major granite supplier in the world, including design diversity, company history, and even examples of each granite brand in action. We’ve also compiled links to each brand’s granite gallery page so that you can decide for yourself which designs that you prefer. If you have questions about specific granite suppliers or designs, or you’re interested in using granite for your next countertop project, the granite brand experts at AA Marble & Granite are more than happy to help; give us a call at (770) 872-4066, email us at, or fill out our Quick Contact Form, and a granite expert will contact you as soon as possible.

Granite Countertop Brands


Granite Brand Granite Selection Years In Business
MSI Stone 168 Designs 43 Years
Cosmos Granite 268 Designs 13 Years
Levantina 37 Designs 59 Years
Easy Stones 6 Designs 4 Years
AGM Imports 253 Designs 24 Years
Daltile 64 Designs 71 Years
Best Cheer Stone 10 Designs 24 Years
MF Granite 30 Designs 13 Years

MSI Stone

Founded in 1975, MSI Stone is one of the largest granite countertop slab providers in North America; with “more than 25 distribution centers across the US and Canada”, MSI Stone is one of the giants of the granite countertop industry. MSI Stone offers 168 different granite designs to choose from, and offers a comprehensive set of visualization tools so that you can view any of their granite designs in a practical setting. In addition to their formidable selection of granite countertop options, MSI Stone also offers a large selection of flooring, backsplashes, and kitchen fixtures to help you build your perfect room. For more design ideas, check out their granite countertop design gallery.

Cosmos Granite

A respected granite countertop slab supplier with a reputation for quality, Cosmos Granite has done business for 13 years and counting. With “strong alliances with overseas associates” and a passion for technological advancement within their field, Cosmos Granite offers beautiful, affordable granite all over the United States. Their Atlanta location boasts a rich selection of premium granite slabs, each of which have been hand-picked by stone inspectors for their beauty, durability, and uniqueness. For more Cosmos Granite countertop brand designs, check out their stone gallery.


A recognized name in granite distribution in over 100 nations, Levantina is a Spanish company specializing in beautiful, practical granite countertop slabs. With five major branches across the world, including one situated in Atlanta, Levantina is an excellent option for buyers local to the Atlanta Metro area. Because of their dominant presence within the global granite industry, Levantina is able to provide customers all over the world with an unrivaled selection of granite designs to choose from. Levantina is also known for their abundance of distribution warehouses, which help to alleviate shipping costs incurred by customers. For more Levantina Granite countertop brand designs, check out their stone gallery.

Easy Stones

For 4 years, Easy Stones has made it their priority to ensure granite slab quality from the quarry to your kitchen; with a nuanced understanding of every aspect of the granite industry, the professionals at Easy Stones live up to their name, making the entire process as easy for consumers as possible. Easy Stones also boasts exclusive rights to several slab colors, and is able to deliver beautifully unique options to their customers on a regular basis. The Easy Stones “E-Team” also offers a digital showroom experience to help you choose your perfect granite design from the comfort of your own home. For more Easy Stones Granite Countertop designs, check out their premium gallery.

AGM Imports

Founded in 1994 by stone expert John Antunes, AGM Imports provides the southeast with some of the finest cuts of granite available in the world at affordable prices; boasting over 200 unique granite designs, including their Natural Stone Beauty line, AGM has made a business of combining quality and quantity for an exemplary customer experience. In addition to their formidable selection of granite designs, AGM also maintains a stock of over 20,000 natural stone slabs, so you can be sure that you’ll find your perfect stone. As if their selection wasn’t enough, AGM also uses the latest in granite finishing technology to ensure that every slab that they produce is perfectly leathered, honed, or polished. For more AGM Imports granite countertop brand designs, check out their premium stone gallery.


The oldest granite countertop brand on this list, Daltile has earned its place as an instantly recognizable name in the natural stone industry. In addition to their formidable selection of 64 granite designs, Daltile also offers “extra large surface” slabs to eliminate seams on bigger countertop projects. The dedication to scaleable natural stone solutions that Daltile has shown is very evident in their slab choices, which range from small, compact cuts to industrial-sized slabs, and all of these selections are offered at a competitive price. Daltile is also passionate about creating sustainable, environmentally-friendly products, and is a supporter of the green building movement. For more samples from Daltile, check out their granite gallery.

Best Cheer Stone

Founded in China in 1994, Best Cheer Stone is one of the largest granite countertop brands on this list, with 11 factories and over 4500 employees worldwide. In addition to their impressive tile and mosaic offerings, Best Cheer specializes in natural stone slabs, with their African stone collection rounding out a remarkable set of products. BCS is also known for their commitment to quality, offering long-lasting warranties and eschewing cheap, mediocre materials in favor of stones with the durability to last without showing their age. To check out a complete list of granite designs that Cosmos offers, check out their stone gallery.

MF Granite

In business since 2005, MF Granite has established itself as a strong granite countertop brand with important ties to the Brazilian stone market. As a licensed distributor for their associate company Gramacal, a Brazil-based granite countertop brand with a long history of excellence in natural stone, MF Granite brings a unique affordability and elegance to the southeast that few other stone providers can offer. Because MF Granite is present during every step of the granite slab production process, they can guarantee a high grade of stone at competitive prices that few other stone suppliers can match; MF Granite is also known for their unique selection of granite designs to choose from, many of which are sourced from quarries right in Brazil. For a more comprehensive look at all of the stones that MF Granite has to offer, check out their premium gallery.

With the granite countertop brand market growing by the day, it’s not surprising to see that so many suppliers are necessary to keep up with demand. Whether you’re interested in the vast selection of granite countertop designs available from suppliers like MSI Stone or you’re on the hunt for something unique, like the African Stone series from Best Cheer, you can be certain that any of these 8 companies will provide an immaculate piece of stone for your countertop.

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