We offer a selection of cabinet vignettes as well as 200 different 14” x 25” granite samples right in our showroom that can be mixed and matched to provide you with thousands of ideas; we also offer 30 different interchangeable backsplashes to integrate into your design if you so choose.  We’re also more than happy to give you a tour of our inventory of more than 1800 slabs; we stock a variety of popular colors as well as some more exotic stone choices. A picture or sample is a great way to get an idea of what you like, but every slab is uniquely detailed and patterned, and must be seen in person to be appreciated; we invite you to come and view our inventory and find a slab that matches your style perfectly.

 We highly recommend that you bring a detailed sketch with the layout of the room that the countertop will be installed in; include where any appliances, windows, and walls are located and mark all open countertop sides that require a finished edge. In addition to a sketch, pictures, paint swatches, drawer fronts, and floor samples can all help our countertop design consultants to match your room with a great selection of slabs for you to look at. We also offer a full online gallery of stone samples for you to browse at your leisure below; we invite you to see what our inventory has to offer before you come in and browse in person.

Basic Stone Colors

Exotic Stone Colors