Milestone 4 – Template Appointment

We will schedule a template appointment at your home with one of our experienced mechanics within a couple days of the initial contract signing. Template creation appointments generally take two to three hours; during the appointment, you will make the final decisions on a number of minor installation and fabrication options. These options will be discussed with you in detail and will be incorporated into the final template.

Our templates are prepared by an experienced, meticulous, and dedicated crew that has been with AA Marble & Granite for many years. Our crew will take pictures of the installation area to share with their foreman; this will guarantee that your custom countertop installation team is already intimately familiar with any conditions or circumstances that should be factored in to the template creation.

As this is the most important phase of the process, we recommend that the main decision-maker be present for the template creation appointment to answer any questions that our mechanic may have.