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Fabrication and Installation of your Stone Countertops

We are ecstatic that you are considering one of the most elegant, exclusive, and practical countertop surfaces available! Please allow us to guide you through what to expect during your granite countertop installation.Y our personal countertop design consultant is available throughout the selection, buying, fabricating, and installation process to address any questions or concerns that you might have.


Templating Visit (Approx: 2 hours)

  1. Templates are made from existing countertops and/or new cabinets.
  2. We ask that all countertops be cleared prior to the appointment.
  3. New cabinets must be fully installed prior to template date.
  4. The location of the seams will be discussed with the Georgia homeowner at this point.
  5. The location of all faucet holes and accessories are discussed.
  6. We need the cook-top, sink, and faucet cutout manuals. If the sink is an under mount you must have it ready for our crew to bring it back to our shop; cook-top and sink cutouts will be per manufacturer’s template.

Slab Layout:

  1. If you so choose, you are welcome to come back to our facility with the template crews to give input concerning the layout of your templates.
  2. The layout process involves taking the wood templates and placing them on the full slabs so that the customer can visualize what characteristics of the stone will be included in each countertop.
  3. We ask that you schedule a plumber for one day after your countertop installation is completed.

Countertop Installation Visit (Approx: 4-6 hours)

Because our installers will be moving heavy materials and working with dangerous equipment, we ask that you avoid the room that the countertops are being installed in for the duration of the installation process.

  1. If we are removing your old countertops we will disconnect the sink, faucets and cook-top and haul them away for disposal (at an additional cost determined at the time of estimate). Our crews are very careful, however there is a chance that your dry wall, wallpaper, trim, tile or other wall coverings may be damaged; we are responsible for any repairs.
  2. Prior to our arrival we ask that you remove all fragile items from the work area and all drawers from the base cabinets.
  3. You must have your cooking surface, sink, accessories, and faucet on-site to confirm the cut-out dimensions.
  4. We use very strong adhesive for seams; these chemicals emit strong odors that should go away within an hour. Please ensure that everyone, pets and children in particular, stay away from the work area.
  5. After the installation, we will clean the immediate work space.


  1. After the job is completed our lead installer will perform a detailed inspection of the job with the customer; if everything is to your satisfaction, then we will present you with an Inspection and Release Form to sign.
  2. Once you have signed the Inspection and Release Form you are required to pay any balance due.
  3. We will present to you an information, care, and maintenance kit for your new natural stone countertops.


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After you’ve chosen a particular slab or stone color for your countertops, we will review our contract with you in detail; any questions, concerns, or scheduling needs that you have will be addressed to your satisfaction at this point.

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