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Our Proven Process


Consultant Interview

  • Connect with us for a Consultation
  • Design Assistance


Visit Our Showroom

  • Visit our Norcross Showroom
  • On-Site Material Selection


Review and Signing

  • Quote Generation
  • Signature and Payment


Template Appointment

  • In home template creation
  • Review final install options


Slab Layout Appointment

  • Begin Slab Layout
  • Final Meeting


Installation Appointment

  • Goal: Receive A+ Rating
  • Reviews are Appreciated!


Milestone 1 - Tell Us About Your Project

In order to ensure that you make the best countertop investment possible, our countertop design consultants will ask you the following questions:

  • What are the colors of your cabinets and appliances?
  • What is the color and type of flooring in the room the countertops will be in?
  • Will you be purchasing new appliances, faucets, or sinks for the project?
  • When do you need the project to be completed?
  • What kind of a budget have you set for the countertop project?
  • What are you doing for a backsplash? Tile or matching slabs?

Our countertop design consultants can meet with you personally in our showroom to help get you started with selecting a slab of GRANITE, MARBLE, QUARTZITE or QUARTZ that fits your style, your budget, and your home. We have over 2500 slabs to choose from and we take pride in providing the highest quality stone in the industry.


Milestone 2 - Visit Our Showroom

We offer a selection of cabinet vignettes as well as 200 different 14” x 25” granite samples right in our showroom that can be mixed and matched to provide you with thousands of ideas; we also offer 30 different interchangeable backsplashes to integrate into your design if you so choose. We’re also more than happy to give you a tour of our inventory of more than 1800 slabs; we stock a variety of popular colors as well as some more exotic stone choices. A picture or sample is a great way to get an idea of what you like, but every slab is uniquely detailed and patterned, and must be seen in person to be appreciated; we invite you to come and view our inventory and find a slab that matches your style perfectly.

We highly recommend that you bring a detailed sketch with the layout of the room that the countertop will be installed in; include where any appliances, windows, and walls are located and mark all open countertop sides that require a finished edge. In addition to a sketch, pictures, paint swatches, drawer fronts, and floor samples can all help our countertop design consultants to match your room with a great selection of slabs for you to look at. We also offer a full online gallery of stone samples for you to browse at your leisure below; we invite you to see what our inventory has to offer before you come in and browse in person.


Milestone 3 - Review and Signing

After you’ve chosen a particular slab or stone color for your countertops, we will review our contract with you in detail; any questions, concerns, or scheduling needs that you have will be addressed to your satisfaction at this point.

Once the contract signing phase is complete we will schedule the template creation, slab lay-out date (normally the next working day after templates are made) and we may set a tentative date for your installation (usually 7-10 business days after slab layout is approved).

The final installation date will be confirmed after lay-out is approved and we begin the production of your custom countertops.


Milestone 4 - Template Appointmen

We will schedule a template appointment at your home with one of our experienced mechanics within a couple days of the initial contract signing. Template creation appointments generally take two to three hours; during the appointment, you will make the final decisions on a number of minor installation and fabrication options. These options will be discussed with you in detail and will be incorporated into the final template. Our templates are prepared by an experienced, meticulous, and dedicated crew that has been with AA Marble & Granite for many years. Our crew will take pictures of the installation area to share with their foreman; this will guarantee that your custom countertop installation team is already intimately familiar with any conditions or circumstances that should be factored in to the template creation. As this is the most important phase of the process, we recommend that the main decision-maker be present for the template creation appointment to answer any questions that our mechanic may have.

Normally all open corners will be round off for safety. Corners next to appliances may be be left square. You must inform the template mechanic which corner you want as they normally do all open corners as rounded for safety.


Milestone 5 - Slab Layout Appointment

The template and slab layout is the second most important part of the process after the template creation as it is the point at which we meet to finalize the scope of the work involving your custom countertops; this meeting is especially important if your selected slab(s) has a varied color, pattern or a lot of movement in it. After the template(s) are brought back to our shop, we will ask you to meet with us there to give your input during the layout process; this meeting is generally scheduled for the next business day after the slab arrives at our shop. Because the layout determines the final look of your countertops, it is imperative that you give your input before fabrication commences.

Normally all open corners will be round off for safety. Corners next to appliances maybe be left square. You must ask the shop manager to show you this at the scope of work finalization meeting.


Milestone 6 - Installation Appointment

If our crew has been contracted to remove the old countertops, and it is practically feasible, then we may perform the removal the same day as the installation; countertop removal also includes the detachment of the undermount sink and faucet from the countertop surface.

After the old countertops have been removed, our crew will install your new custom marble or granite countertops and reattach the sink, faucet, and cooktop; the installation process usually takes between four and six hours and can typically be completed in one day.

*We do not do any plumbing, gas, electrical or other work generally reserved for the other trades.

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