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Marble Countertops Brand Guide

Marble countertops adorn many homes—in the kitchen and bathroom or as sculpture. This natural stone most closely represents luxury with its European associations of wealth and beauty. Monuments such as the Taj Mahal, the Tower of Pisa and the Pantheon attest to marble’s magnificence and longevity. Arguably, this stone will set an elegant and classy tone to your home or office unlike any other stone. Granite may hold more popularity or recognition as far as countertops go, but it cannot touch the cultural and historical use of marble—an element that marble carries with it. Look at a marble slab today and you will be looking at a stone that many have before you with a similar mind in search of natural beauty and durability. Marble slabs fill a range of colors, but the purest marble is white. The veins of color, usually gray, by which marble is famously identified are caused by impurities in the stone before its change into marble. These impurities may be clay or sand or iron oxides. They add a flair to the marble which marks it as a unique and timeless.

At AA Marble & Granite, we prioritize the quality of marble that will complete your home. To ensure reliability of service; quality of stone and design, we created a list of leading suppliers in marble slabs for use as kitchen or bathroom countertops; interior floors or walls. Four brands met our high standards and we are proud to work with them and you to make your visions come true. This marble countertop brand comparison guide breaks down the benefits of each brand to help you decide which best fits your needs. Statistics related to years in business and design diversity are also included in this guide with photos from each brand’s marble inspiration gallery.

If you have questions about specific marble suppliers or designs, or you’re interested in using marble for your next countertop project, contact the marble brand experts at AA Marble & Granite. We are more than happy to help; give us a call at (770) 872-4066, email us at, or fill out our Quick Contact Form, and a natural stone, marble expert will contact you as soon as possible.

Marble Countertops Brands

Marble Brand
Marble Selection
Year Established
AGM Imports



Cosmos Granite & Marble

34 Designs



58 Designs


MSI Stone

34 Designs


AGM Imports

Choose from an incredibly vast range of marbles at AGM Imports. Their Atlanta inventory contains 148 designs with a taste for the minimalist and the glutton for color and veining. AGM imports started as a family-owned company with origins in Portugal and opened their Atlanta warehouse in 2000. With the unique link in language and culture, AGM imports’ president and founder travels to Portugal, Italy and Brazil among others to hand-pick premium quality stone. Click below to schedule an appointment.

Cosmos Granite & Marble

Cosmos Granite & Marble prioritizes affordability, making marble accessible to all types of clients, residential or commercial. The Atlanta area can choose from 34 marble designs which veer on the darker side of marble with many greys and blacks available. The names alone match the wonders of this natural stone: Artemis, Calacatta Mystery and Emperador Dark. Click below to schedule an appointment.


Levantina best summarizes marble as a “presence [bringing] us closer to the grandeur of Imperial Rome or to the Renaissance, with its sensuality and elegance.” This company understands and values the history of this ancient natural stone which has touched many lives and many historical moments. They offer thirty types of marble in multiple colors, textures and finishes. Their largest collections include white marble and cream marble. Click below to schedule an appointment.

MSI Stone

MSI commends marble for its cool temperatures which allow for temperature-controlled work or kitchen spaces. As a company which strives to make ‘dream surfaces attainable’, MSI leaves no question about marble’s high desirability. To open access to marble, MSI offers the stone in fifty colors and patterns with a specialization in varying white marbles. Click below to schedule an appointment.

Marble has captivated the eye and furnished the home, office, hotel and monument for generations. Today, marble can be found in the kitchen or bathroom; as an interior floor or wall; and as a tabletop for elegant spaces. Polished or not, marble is sure to be a shining asset with generations backing its reputation and earned admiration. Instantly upscale your space with this classic stone. Visit our showroom and see for yourself the timeless characteristics of marble that put it on top of the list for natural stone.

If you are interested in using marble for your next space improvement project. Stop. You found us and we are dedicated to finding you the perfect stone. Our marble acquisitions department has connections to every one of these marble slab suppliers, and can help you find the design that fits your vision. Furthermore, our fabrication and installation teams are second to none, read our reviews! To schedule your free marble countertop consultation, give us a call at (770) 872-4066, email us at, or fill out our Quick Contact Form.

If you are interested in other natural stone classics, or you prefer a different look we also offer an impressive selection of granite, quartz and quartzite countertop designs for you to choose from. Visit our showroom in Gwinnett County. Our no-obligation countertop design appointment includes a face-to-face meeting with a countertop design expert, and is tailored to help you find a stone that aligns with your needs and budget.

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