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Marble countertops in Norcross, GA, exemplify luxury and sophistication, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of both residential and commercial spaces. The city’s affinity for this elegant stone is evident in its top places and streets. Along Peachtree Parkway, known for its upscale home design stores, marble countertops attract discerning homeowners seeking to add a touch of class to their kitchens and bathrooms. In the heart of Norcross, the charming historic district showcases beautifully renovated properties featuring marble surfaces, reflecting the area’s perfect blend of historical richness and contemporary style. Additionally, Indian Trail Lilburn Road is home to several specialty shops where customers can find a diverse range of marble countertop options, from classic white Carrara to richly veined varieties, catering to a variety of design preferences and enhancing Norcross’s reputation as a destination for high-end home improvements.

Shop the Finest Marble Countertops in Norcross: Where Quality Meets Sophistication

When most people see Norcross marble countertops, they think of luxury; a favorite of sculptors and builders for centuries, marble has the power to bring elegance to virtually any space, and has a distinctive aesthetic that can brighten up a home or office. At AA Marble & Granite, we’ve spent nearly three decades fabricating and installing custom Norcross marble countertops with handpicked slabs of stone sourced from around the globe.

Our on-site stone-yard is host to a large variety of different styles of marble, each with its own patterns and colors. Every slab of marble that we sell is certified for use as a premium countertop material in any room of a home or office.

Unveiling the Beauty of Marble Countertops in Norcross Homes and Businesses

  • Marble is naturally cool to the touch, and has an unparalleled ability to resist heat; Norcross marble countertops are perfect for bakers, chefs, and anyone else that likes to use their kitchen on a regular basis.
  • A remarkably affordable stone, your Norcross bathroom countertops will benefit from a relatively low price tag; marble is known in the custom countertop industry as a stone that makes your budget go further without sacrificing aesthetic appeal in the process.
  • Marble has inherent value within a home as a sign of luxury, and has an amazing brightness that makes any space appear larger and more inviting; marble adds market value to a property and makes for an eye-catching fixture at the same time.

Transform Your Interiors with Premium Marble Countertops in Norcross

When it comes to Norcross marble countertops, you need a company that cares about your project as much as you do; since 1990, AA Marble & Granite has provided a turnkey custom countertop operation with a team that’s as serious about you project as you are, and has the skills and experience to turn your design into reality.

  • We do business the way that business should be done; every team member at AA Marble & Granite operates on the same doctrine of integrity, respect, and reliability that has made us a preferred name in Norcross marble countertop fabrication and installation.
  • From the design phase to the stone choice all the way to final installation, we cover every facet of countertop fabrication and installation with our own in-house professionals; we sit down one-on-one with all of our customers to discuss an itemized contract in detail before we take any payment, so that you know exactly how your budget will be used.
  • Our fabrication team boasts a cumulative total of over 100 years of experience in the Norcross marble countertop industry, and is staffed with artisans and master craftsmen that have no peer anywhere in the southeast.

Uncover the Timeless Beauty of Marble Countertops in Norcross Residences and Businesses

We understand that you probably have at least a few questions about Norcross marble countertops, and we invite you to schedule a no-obligation, complimentary design consultation with an expert at AA Marble & Granite. To schedule, call us at (770) 341-0667, email us at, or fill out our Quick Contact Form to get started.

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