A relative newcomer to the residential countertop scene, quartz has quickly established itself as a beautiful, durable alternative to traditional stones like granite and marble. As quartz has emerged as a frontrunner in the countertop industry, so too have the quartz countertop brands; we’ve compiled a list of 12 of the leading residential quartz countertop brands along with a breakdown of what makes each brand stand out in the crowd. Whether you’re settled on quartz or you’re still in the planning stages of your next countertop project, this quartz countertop brand guide is sure to help.

Our quartz countertop brand guide includes essential stats for every major quartz supplier in the world, including design diversity, environmental friendliness, and even examples of each quartz brand in action. We’ve also compiled links to each brand’s quartz gallery page so that you can decide for yourself which designs that you prefer. If you have questions about specific quartz suppliers or designs, or you’re interested in using quartz for your next countertop project, the quartz brand experts at AA Marble & Granite are more than happy to help; give us a call at (770) 872-4066, email us at, or fill out our Quick Contact Form, and a quartz expert will contact you as soon as possible.

Quartz Countertop Brands


Quartz Brand Quartz Selection Years In Business
Silestone 142 Designs 25 Years
Caesarstone 53 Designs 31 Years
Cambria 133 Designs 18 Years
Viatera 64 Designs 30 Years
Compac 46 Designs 43 Years
Corian 62 Designs 18 Years
Vicostone 102 Designs 16 Years
Wilsonart 52 Designs 62 Years
MSI Stone 76 Designs 43 Years
Vadara Quartz 46 Designs 2 Years
Daltile 38 Designs 71 Years
Cosmos Granite 74 Designs 13 Years


As the flagship quartz countertop brand for Cosentino, Silestone boasts an impressive range of 142 different quartz designs. Silestone offers quartz with “enhanced characteristics”, which boils down to an increase in the longevity and durability of the product. Specializing in kitchen and bathroom quartz surfaces and fixtures, Silestone ships to over 80 countries worldwide and offers stone for both residential and commercial applications. For more design ideas, check out their gallery.


Another instantly recognizable name in the quartz countertop industry, Caesarstone bills itself as a “pioneer of natural quartz surfaces”, and carries 53 different quartz designs. An Israeli quartz countertop brand with a distribution center in Georgia, Caesarstone is known for pushing the envelope both with their unique quartz designs and their eco-friendly production methods, which have earned them several certifications for environmentally responsible stone fabrication. For more Caesarstone quartz countertop brand design, check out their gallery.


One of the largest American-owned quartz countertop brands in the world, Cambria has been in business for 18 years. Unlike many other quartz suppliers, you won’t find Cambria at big box stores. You’ll need to go through a specialty store or a certified distributor to get ahold of Cambria quartz. With 133 quartz designs to choose from and a wide range of edge and slab sizes to choose from, Cambria is one of the most formidable contenders in the quartz countertop industry. For more Cambria quartz countertop brand designs, check out their gallery.


A subsidiary of LG, Viatera has been in the stone surface business for 30 years. Viatera offers eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable quartz products in both standard and jumbo slab sizes, depending on the size of your project. In addition to their impressive selection of 64 quartz designs, Viatera also offers a highly coveted “acrylic solid surface” product. This additional product can be used to significantly hide seams on quartz countertops. For more Viatera quartz countertop brand designs, check out their stone gallery.


This Spanish quartz countertop brand has done business for 43 years, and practices environmentally-conscious quartz production methods. Compac offers 46 different quartz designs, all of which fall under their “technical quartz” specification. This special type of quartz involves an advanced production process to increase the durability of the product. For more quartz countertop designs, check out the Compac gallery.


With 18 years in business and 62 different quartz designs to choose from, Corian sets itself apart by using high quality raw materials to produce their stone surface lines. As a division of DuPont, Corian is heavily associated with the Zodiaq line of quartz surface products. Corian is also known for paying special attention to the additives in their products, and they advertise their quartz as being completely non-allergenic and nontoxic. For more Corian quartz samples, check out their gallery.


Founded in Vietnam with a US branch headquartered in Dallas, Vicostone has been in the surface business for 16 years. Boasting an impressive 102 quartz designs to choose from, Vicostone advertises surfaces that are produced with “up to 93% pure natural quartz aggregates”. For more Vicostone samples, check out their quartz gallery.


Another American-owned quartz supplier, Wilsonart has been in business for an impressive 62 years, and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Shipping to markets all over the globe, Wilsonart offers 52 different quartz designs and caters to both the residential and industrial engineered surface markets. For exclusive Wilsonart quartz designs, check out their gallery.

MSI Stone

With 43 years in the stone surface business, MSI Stone advertises its quartz as an affordable, beautiful alternative to more expensive natural stones like granite and marble. MSI offers a range of stone options, including their Q Premium Natural Quartz series, which contains designs that mimic popular cuts of granite and marble without the high price tag. For more MSI Stone quartz countertop brand designs, check out the MSI Stone gallery.

Vadara Quartz

With a modest 2 years in business, Vadara Quartz is the most recently formed surface supplier on this list. Vadara advertises their quartz as having “the most natural color palette available”, and offers products that are engineered to look like natural stone. For more samples from Vadara Quartz, check out their stone gallery.


With a very impressive 71 years in business, Daltile offers a wide range of surface solutions for all parts of the home. Their flagship quartz line, the ONE Quartz collection, is packed with 38 different exclusive quartz designs. In addition to normal slabs, Daltile also offers “extra-large surface” slabs for big jobs. For more samples, check out the Daltile quartz gallery.

Cosmos Granite

A quartz supplier with roots in the natural stone industry, Cosmos Granite has been in business for 13 years. Cosmos offers quartz products for both residential and industrial applications, and advertises a direct link to stone providers in India, which allows them to offer lower prices for higher quality pieces of quartz from their 74-design strong line. To check out a complete list of quartz designs that Cosmos offers, check out their stone gallery.

With the quartz countertop brand market growing by the day, it’s not surprising to see that so many suppliers are necessary to keep up with demand. From large, old companies like Silestone to new startups like Vadara, there are quartz companies of all sizes and scopes to help you achieve your countertop goals.  If you’re interested in using quartz for your next home improvement project, then there’s only one choice in Georgia: AA Marble & Granite. Our stone acquisitions department has connections to every one of these quartz countertop brands, and can help you to find the slab of your dreams. Furthermore, our fabrication and installation teams are second to none, as are our reviews. To schedule your free quartz countertop design consultation, give us a call at (770) 872-4066, email us at, or fill out our Quick Contact Form.

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