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If you’ve recently heard the name “quartzite” used in reference to countertop design and you’re curious about what exactly it offers when compared to traditional options like marble or granite, then you’re not alone; in recent years, interest in quartzite countertops has skyrocketed as Lawrenceville home renovation has taken off in popularity. Since 1990, AA Marble & Granite has made it a priority to offer the highest quality natural stone slabs to customers all over Lawrenceville, and our selection of quartzite is no exception.

You may have heard the terms “quartz” and “quartzite” both used to describe countertops; although they share similar names, these slabs are, in reality, quite different. While quartz is a manufactured stone created in a factory, quartzite is a natural stone mined directly from a quarry; here are just a few of the perks that quartzite offers for those that choose it for their Lawrenceville countertops:

  • When compared to granite, quartzite is actually the more durable of the two stones; with an unprecedented level of durability, quartzite makes an excellent choice for your Lawrenceville kitchen countertops.
  • Although quartzite is harder than granite, it also offers a wide selection of colors and patterns, many of which are quite similar and sometimes undistinguishable from marble; this makes quartzite an excellent choice for Lawrenceville bathroom countertops, where marble might otherwise suffer from heavy use.
  • As quartzite is harder than granite and shares the distinguishing features of marble, you might expect it to be a very expensive stone; in reality, quartzite is a uniquely affordable stone, which lends it even more

It’s important to remember that choosing a stone is only the first step of a successful Lawrenceville countertop project; at AA Marble & Granite, we put all of our effort into making sure that the rest of the process is hassle-free, affordable, and transparent, from start to finish.

  • We are as up-front as possible about all costs associated with your project before you ever pay a cent; we sit down with you one-on-one to discuss an itemized contract in detail, and we adhere very strictly to the budget set out in that contract.
  • Our fabrication division employs artisans and craftsmen that have worked in the stone countertop industry for years; our craftsmen don’t learn on your project, and we guarantee that you’ll love their work.
  • Our showroom offers a collection of stone samples, cabinet veneers, backsplashes, and custom lighting, all free for you to use during the design phase of your countertop project to get inspired or try out combinations.

More durable than granite, as beautiful as marble, and affordable enough for every room in the house, quartzite has established itself as an excellent candidate for your Lawrenceville countertop project. Whether you’re enamored with quartzite or you’re interested in seeing all of your options, your Lawrenceville countertop design experts are standing by, ready to help; give us a call at (770) 872-4066,, email us at info@andrewsassociates.net, or fill out our Quick Contact Form to get started.

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Visit our Atlanta design showroom and let one of our professional and experienced stone countertop design consultants work with you to pick out the perfect stone slab that works best with your color scheme and design. While at the showroom, you can mix and match over 250 fabricated samples on 18 different colored cabinet vignettes. Your new granite, marble, or natural stone countertop not only adds beauty to your kitchen and home, it also helps increase its value!

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atlanta granite countertops

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You can have your new marble or granite countertop within 7 to 10 days after design template approval. Call us today at 770.872.4066 or drop in at our showroom to pick your own slab. Learn more about natural stone countertops with our selection of Frequently Asked Questions.

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