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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Quartz Countertops

Learn how to keep your quartz countertops looking as good as new by cleaning and disinfecting effectively.

Engineered quartz countertops have grown to match the popularity of real stone, excluding the high maintenance. If you’re fortunate enough to have this luxurious material on your counters, read our complete guide for cleaning your quartz countertops the correct way. The proper care and maintain routine are important if you want to keep your kitchen looking the best possible for years to come.

Engineered Quartz is factory produced. It is made through combination of resins, bonding agents and pigments when necessary.

Because of modern technology quartz genuinely reflects natures Beauty with the advantage of requiring no sealing. Natural quartzite must be sealed at least twice a year. Quartz comes stain resistant and it’s nonporous, so your countertops are impervious to mildew, mold and bacterias.

We will be discussing ways in which to maintain your quartz surface:

Daily cleaning routine

We recommend you clean your countertops daily. This simple habit will prevent spills from becoming stuck to your beautiful quartz surface. The process we recommend for daily cleaning is simple. Fill a bowl with warm water and add dish detergent. From here wet your dish towel in you mixture and being wiping the surface in a circular motion until you’ve covered the entire surface. Use a paper towels to dry the surface wiping down any excessive moister.

Tough Stain Removal

Step 1: Clean off your counters

Make sure to remove everything off your kitchen counters before your start cleaning. This includes decorations and small appliances. This way you’ll be entirely sure you’ve cleaned every inch, and you’ll have the piece of mind.

Step 2: Remove any and all debris

Always make sure to clean up all the food crumbs, crud and debris off the kitchen countertop with a sponge or rag. This will ensure that you don’t scratch your surface when cleaning.

Step 3: Scrub

Using only a few drops of dish soap and wet nonabrasive dish sponge being making the pattern S motion. Move your way from the wall or backsplash towards the counters edge. You may find free sticky spots that will cause you to rub harder. For heavily caked areas you may face a use a razor blade. As long as the blade rest flat on the surface you won’t have to worry about scratching the countertops.

Step 4: Rinse

After you have rubbed and rinsed all the counter surface for large pieces of crud and stickiness. You will want to rinse with soap and get all the dirt lifted out. Rinse out you sponge in the sink and a repeat the process a few times. When you sure you’ve gotten all the countertop clean you may pat down with a dry dish towel and removes any moisture.

Step 5: Disinfect

Disinfect the surface by using 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and 2 cups water in a spray bottle. IF you have essential oils on hand add 1-2 drops to add a nice smell to you mixture. Make sure to spray down your entire countertops surface. Let the cleaning solution work for 2-3 minutes.

Step 6: Drying

After waiting a few minutes, you cleaning solution should have disinfected the countertops. Again use a dry dishtowel to wipe’s down any moisture. Congratulations you kitchen counters should be as good as new.

What to Avoid

Make sure to stay away from abrasive cleaner products acid or alkaline cleaners this can cause irreparable damage to your countertop surface. Harsh scrubbing can also dull your surface finish. Avoid concentrated bleach on your quartz countertops to avoid stains and splotches. Last but no least avoid cleaners with a high pH level, empales induced, oven clears, grill cleaners and paint removers.

Tips for Preventing Quartz Countertop Damage

There are a few tips to be aware for the longevity of of your quartz countertops.

When using hot pots and pans make sure to use a protective Barrier. Quartz countertops may seem indestructible but they are not. Make sure to use a trivet or pot holder so you don’t end up with a discolored surface. Remember not to place hot items directly on your quartz countertops.

The next tip is not to cut or chop anything directly on the quartz countertops. The reason for this it that you cause cuts and scratches into the resin opening up vulnerabilities to stains and more issue down the road.

Making sure you create the daily habit to clean and wipe down you counters will keep your kitchen countertops looking amazing for years to come.

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