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9 Things You Should Know About Quartz Countertops

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re thinking about installing a kitchen countertop, quartz may have already crossed your mind. Quartz countertops are a go-to option for most homeowners because of their stylish perfections. You get fewer imperfections because these countertops can curve into various shapes to fit different spaces.

You might want to install quartz countertops because they are non-porous and low-maintenance. You’ll hardly need to worry about stains and corrosion. They are far better than granite or marble countertops. However, there are other benefits of choosing quartz countertops you probably haven’t considered. Nine of them include:

1. Quartz is an Engineered Countertop

While most people think that Quartz countertops have a 100% quartzite mineral construction, it is an engineered stone, mixed with many materials. Quartz stone concentration in a countertop will vary by manufacturer. For instance, about 80% of the Quartz countertop material may be composed of other stones like pulverized granite, ceramic, marble and/or glass. About 10% of the material may be a binder, which in most cases is cement or resin.

Quartz countertops will contain varying pigments that will determine the overall color. Other components include hardening materials and antimicrobial additives to prevent bacteria from growing on the surfaces. Some manufacturers will also add recycled materials like mirrors.


2. Quartz Countertops Are More Popular Than Granite

As noted, quartz countertops are durable and fairly easy-to-maintain. They come in varying colors to match different interior design schemes and home décor pieces. Such features make quartz countertops a great alternative to granite. Granite is 100% stone and prone to be porous without treatments. Some Quartz countertops also offer granite material in the composition which will give you the overall look of granite with a non-porous finishing. For maintenance reasons alone, many homeowners are switching to Quartz countertops.

Consumers love to interact with products that promote a greener, more eco-friendly world. A large chunk of quartz’s construction consists of recycled materials. Thus, it is an eco-friendly product that you can feel good about adding to your home. 

3. Quartz Has Multiple Applications

While quartz countertops are mainly seen in kitchen countertops, they have many uses. Engineered stones are more durable than natural stone without the constant upkeep. Thus, quartz countertops are ideal in places where hygiene is a significant concern, such as bathrooms. Commercial applications of quartz countertops include bars, restaurants, conference rooms, and reception desks. Non-porosity makes this countertop easy to clean and some even resist bacteria growth.