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AA Marble and Granite, LLC helps homeowners choose the right marble countertop

Choosing a kitchen countertop is a big decision, which is why so many people consult interior décor magazines, local home stores, professional designers and the big black hole of internet research before they make a decision.

AA Marble & Granite, LLC has been offering premier custom granite and marble since 1990 and has become the go-to company for high quality marble countertops in Atlanta, GA. If you are in the market for a new kitchen countertop but do not know how to narrow your options for results, here are a few things you might want to consider:

Set a price point

Everyone needs to set a budget regarding what to spend on a kitchen upgrade. While it is true that natural stone is more expensive than laminate, you cannot be certain what it will cost until you speak with professionals. Your best bet is to take measurements and visit our showroom to get a realistic quote for the size and type of material you want.

Aesthetic qualities

There is no point investing in the most beautiful piece of coral veined granite if it clashes with your kitchen cabinets and flooring. If you are already happy with the rest of your kitchen, it is worthwhile narrowing your options to the type of stone and coloring which will fit in well with the current design. If you are planning on redoing your entire kitchen, then make your kitchen countertop the focal point because this is something that usually draws the most attention when walking into a kitchen.

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