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Before You Buy Marble or Granite Countertops

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Some things you need to know before your purchase your marble or granite countertops...

I've heard of "high movement" natural stone. What is it?

You may hear this term when you seek to buy natural stone. The colors in natural stone that swirl and change irregularly is called "movement". Dramatic patterns and color changes are called "high movement".  It takes eons for massive forces beneath the surface of the earth form these features in marble and granite. “Movement” is also affected by trace amounts of other minerals such as hornblende, magnetite, hematite, pyrite, zircon, garnet and corundum. Many people find this flow of blending colors to be the most attractive and compelling quality about granite. All granite primarily contains Mica, Feldspar and Quartz.

What is the difference between a drop-in sink and an under-mount sink?

A drop-in sink sits on top of the cut-out in your granite counter while an under-mount sink installs beneath the cut-out. There is generally an extra polishing charge required in preparing a granite countertop for an under-mount sink.

Does granite need to be sealed to avoid staining?

We recommend the application of a sealer every 12-18 months to assure protection. Stains may occur if food or other items are allowed to stay on the countertop for an extended time.  We seal every stone surface upon completion of production. Upon completion of the installation, we provide our customer with a maintenance kit. 

Are all granite kitchen counters a high gloss finish?

No, there are several different finishes you can get.  The highly polished finish is just the most popular. There is a honed finish that produces a matte look and an “antique” finish which gives the surface a leather like finish. These items require more care because the surfaces are more porous and more easily absorbs spills.

Is granite really scratch resistant?

Yes. Even if you cut directly down upon your countertop it in the course of normal, daily use. However, we recommend using a cutting board to avoid blunting your knife.

Is it true granite won't chip, crack or ding?

We assure you that your countertop will not chip, crack or ding under normal use. The fabrication process is the most stressful on the stone, and if it doesn’t break at our factory, it will not under normal use in your home.

What is granite?

Granite is a coarse grained, crystalline igneous rock primarily composed of Feldspar and Quartz. It forms from slowly cooling magma, subjected to extreme pressures deep beneath the earth’s surface.

Is it hard to care for a granite countertop?

Not at all, in fact, you’ll wish everything were this easy. Normal cleaning with soap and water should be enough.  However, if you need a little more cleansing,  just use a common non-abrasive commercial product, such as Soft Scrub, to wipe it down and keep your countertop shining.

Is the use of marble considered a good value for the money?

Yes. Regardless of its finish or shine, marble creates an immediate impression of elegance. When you buy natural stone, the presence of marble or granite anywhere in a residential or commercial property is a plus on any real estate broker's checklist. A natural stone foyer or bathroom makes a tangible contribution to the value of one's property.

In an increasingly tight construction market, building owners and home owners are turning to renovation and restoration of their existing properties. To that effort, many design and construction professionals are integrating high-quality and durable building materials into their plans.

What is marble?

Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic rock composed mostly of calcite that takes a high polish; used for sculpture and as building material.

Why should I buy natural stone?

Natural stone can be a high end improvement to your residential or commercial property. As durable as it is pretty, your granite countertops can be a stunning addition to on of the most used rooms in your home. 

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