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how to repair granite marble countertop
Chips and cracks – how to repair granite

It can be quite heartbreaking to find a chip or a crack in your granite countertop, but unfortunately, this can happen. The good news is that this type of damage can be repaired and your granite slab countertop can be restored to the original look. Unfortunately, if the chip or crack is serious or large, you will need to call a professional or speak with your granite slab fabricator, but for minor chips and cracks, here are a few DIY repair tricks that you can try.

For small cracks and chips, you will need to use a clear resin, epoxy or acrylic adhesive. You can find these in repair kits from Stoneweld or LiquiGlass, then simply follow these steps:

  • Clean the chipped or cracked area with acetone. This is to make sure that the adhesive sticks properly to the surface.
  • Tape off the area surrounding the chip so that the epoxy does not run over the rest of the countertop.
  • Fill the crack or chip with the adhesive until it meets with the tape.
  • Let the adhesive dry. Drying time can vary depending on how deep the crack or chip is and the type of adhesive you are using. To be safe, let it stand for a few hours, even overnight if possible.
  • The tape should then be removed along any excess adhesive. Use a razor blade to shave off excess adhesive until it is flush with the rest of the granite surface.
  • You might notice a slight difference in the sheen of the adhesive and of the countertop. You can match these quite nicely by using an ultra fine sand paper or a buffing compound. Once you have brought out the shine, you won’t even notice the repair.

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