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How to create a contemporary look in Atlanta, GA, with white kitchen countertops

Your kitchen countertops in your Atlanta, GA, home will be put through their paces over the years and while this demands practicality/functionality, it does not rule out the opportunity to capitalize on modern contemporary aesthetic appeal. If white elegance is something you would like to achieve, then marble is the countertop material of choice.

White marble doesn’t show much in terms of color. It provides a sleek white and luxurious appearance which can incorporate interesting veins or swirls of rose, gray or off-white in color. This is the ideal way to create that contemporary look without losing any interest or creativity in your kitchen. You will find there are various types of white marble countertops available and because of the varied veins, swirls and occasional speckling you can consider your chosen slab as one of a kind.

What makes white marble the countertop of choice, is that it can be combined with any type of design theme for the rest of your kitchen - it blends in well and provides a surface that exudes luxurious functionality.

If your budget doesn’t allow for all of the kitchen countertops to be done in marble, consider using it as an accent for the room. White marble on the kitchen island will provide a complementary appeal to more affordable countertop options, which your chosen kitchen countertop supplier should be able to advise you on.

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