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Four granite countertop myths debunked

While many people are interested in investing in a granite countertop in Atlanta, some are worried about some of the myths they have heard regarding this material. Here are four granite countertop myths debunked:

Granite countertops scratch easily

While granite is not completely immune to scratches, the chance of this happening in your kitchen is extremely rare. The type of equipment needed to scratch a granite countertop would not be available in your kitchen, so there is no need to worry about scratches and damage from kitchen appliances, cutting or food preparation. However, always use a cutting board so that you do not damage your knives.

Granite is difficult to clean

Granite countertops are one of the easiest surfaces to clean. Simply use warm water with a gentle cleanser and a soft cloth. There are cleaning solutions that have been designed specifically for use with granite and these are highly recommended.

Granite loses its color

Granite has intricate and beautiful colors that occur naturally, not during any production process. The various granite colors are created within the granite by various natural elements that penetrate the granite as it is formed. Therefore, the coloring, veins and patterns of your kitchen countertop are embedded in the material and will not fade.

What you see is what you get – there are no custom installations

If you order your granite countertop ready-made from a supplier, then you may get something that will not be the right fit and color once it gets into your home. However, if you buy your kitchen countertop from a professional company such as AA Marble and Granite LLC, you will have a custom design that fits your kitchen perfectly. Our in-house designers will help you choose the right color and style to fit in with your kitchen and surrounding areas. Our installers have years of professional experience to ensure the perfect countertop installation in your kitchen.

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