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Four of the hottest kitchen countertop finishes

If you want to purchase kitchen countertops which are aesthetically pleasing, functional and long lasting, you need to consider the various materials available on the market. Below are four of the hottest kitchen countertop finishes for quality modern homes:

  • Natural stone – natural stone typically wears well and makes for ideal kitchen countertops due to its beauty. What type of natural stone is most popular right now? Granite, slate and soapstone. Granite is a favorite due to its durability and resistance to heat, and it adds value to the home without depreciation.
  • Ceramic tile – these are perfect for islands and back-splashes and you can customize easily with a variety of colors and patterns. When properly installed, you can expect a tough and durable surface that will hold up over time.
  • Concrete – counters with this type of top are often disguised to look like slabs of natural stone. Precast countertops are made at the manufacturer and delivered to the home fully cured and finished.
  • Wood – these countertops provide a hygienic surface for preparing foods. These require on-going re-oiling, though, to make sure the countertop remains in excellent condition, usually weekly. Wood is recommended for use in secondary areas for cutting, chopping and preparing.

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