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Granite countertop colors you can choose from

People choose granite countertops for a number of reasons: versatility, ease of care and color options being some of the top reasons. Not only is this type of kitchen countertop virtually maintenance free, but it also adds a level of class and appeal that few other household additions can achieve.

Once you have decided you want a granite countertop installed in Atlanta, GA, your next decision is regarding the color. Today, many homes have open dining and kitchen floor plans which means that you need to consider this entire area when deciding on a granite color.  The lighting, cabinet colors and the colors in the surrounding area will all impact the final look of your granite countertop.

There different popular colors each season but here are a few that you might consider for your upcoming kitchen upgrade:

Blues and blacks

Blues and blacks have become a popular choice. Not only are there many different variations of these colors, but they easily complement almost any kitchen style.

Whites, creams and yellows

Many people still opt for whites, creams and yellows as these colors have the ability to brighten the room and create the illusion of more space.

Browns, ambers and coppers

These add warmth and intimacy to your space and you can brighten or deepen the look by choosing a fiery amber or a deep brown depending on the effect you want.

You should choose a granite countertop supplier that has a large selection of stones on site so you can choose the actual stone that you want in your kitchen. Take a look at the various colors available and work with our design team during a free consultation to be sure that the color you choose will be the best option.

At AA Marble & Granite, we offer close to 2,000 basic and exotic stone selections, providing you with the most choice in color and style. Contact AA Marble & Granite in Atlanta, GA for more information today.

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