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Granite countertop colors you might consider

The main reason why most consumers opt for granite for their kitchen countertops is the individuality of this stone, which is truly one-of-a-kind. Cut from the quarry, every piece will be carved into a different shape and you will never have the exact same granite countertop slab as someone else. This applies to both color and pattern. Colors vary according to the mineral content of the stone. Here are a few of the color variations:

White, gray or ivory. Light colors are ideal to enhance the size of your kitchen and make it more welcoming.

Silver and blue. Perfect shades if you like the sky and would like to create a modern and air-space design.

Pink and light purple. For a floral and feminine style, pastel shades will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

Brown, black and white. A traditional and simple look and feel is possible with different shades of brown, black or white, which are currently popular choices.

Use your imagination to create an aesthetically impressive kitchen.

  1. Do your research – Choosing the color of your granite countertop is extremely important given the long-life investment you are going to make. Browse interior design magazines for inspiration and search the internet to find out about the latest design kitchen trends. Research every possible shade you like and pick a few which could work well in your kitchen.
  1. Visit a showroom – Bring your ideas with you when you visit us at AA Marble & Granite, LLC in the Atlanta, GA, area. In our showroom, we offer a wide selection of colors for granite countertops. Your final decision will depend on the feel you want for your kitchen. You will appreciate the real feel and look of your future kitchen in the showroom better than in a digital version. Take your time to compare different combinations and you could choose a color scheme you may not have considered.

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