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How to choose granite countertops for a kitchen remodel in Gwinnett County GA

It is no surprise that granite countertops are such a popular choice for kitchen remodeling projects. Granite is elegant and durable, and there is a slab to match every style. It comes in a wide range of over 200 colors and versatile patterns, ranging from speckles and veins to solid colors. With so much choice out there, how do you narrow down your options? Here is some helpful advice:

  • Develop a budget. Granite is sourced globally, so every type comes with a different price tag. While this makes some colors and patterns fairly expensive, it also makes others far more reasonable than you may think. Once you have a price range, you can see what will work and what will not.
  • See the slabs in person. Visit a showroom to really get a good idea of how the stone looks and feels. Images online or in brochures will always look different from the real thing, so do not miss the chance to get up close and examine all the different colors and patterns in detail.
  • Take samples. When you visit a showroom, take swatches of the colors you are planning on using in your kitchen with you. Bring the materials, paint colors, flooring, and cabinet colors so you acn hold them up close to the different slabs. You will see how different colors jump out while others recede, giving you a good idea of how the stone will look when it is in place. A good rule of thumb is that contrasting countertops and cabinets often give the best results, so try every option with an open mind.
  • Know your kitchen. Large kitchens with plenty of natural light can handle a far wider range of countertops than smaller, darker kitchens. As with paint colors, light countertops will make a room feel more spacious, while dark colors can make it feel smaller.

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