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Granite Maintenance: How to Clean and Polish Countertops

Granite Maintenance: How to Clean and Polish Countertops

Granite is the stuff mountains are made of and one of the most durable natural materials known to man.

It's also a great way to give your kitchen a touch of class and a functional upgrade in one fell swoop.

Granite does not scratch easily. It does not warp and it's so much better than anything you have on your kitchen countertops right now. Granite surfaces can look as good as new for up to 20 years if they are looked after properly.

Read on to learn the secrets of countertops materials in Lawrenceville and granite maintenance so you can enjoy an enduring partnership with your rock-solid investment.

Sealing's the Deal

While granite is much harder and less porous than most other surfaces, it is still a natural surface. As such, it will soak up moisture and become stained unless it is sealed.

Sealing also helps the granite to resist cloudiness, repel stains and avoid scratches.

To check if the seal on your granite is watertight, drop a little water on the surface. If the drops remain beaded up you're good to go. If the liquid seeps into the granite it is time to re-seal your countertop.

The process is fairly simple. Make sure your counter has been dry for at least 6 hours. Spray it with a liquid or aerosol sealant.

After 30 minutes, wipe away the excess with a soft clean cloth. For added protection, you can spray on a second coat 24 hours later if desired.

Sealing your granite countertop is an ongoing part of granite maintenance. It should be done after installation and repeated every 3 to5 years.

Cleaning and Care

You don't need to buy special cleaning products to take care of your granite surfaces. Soap and water will do.

To clean your surfaces, the following steps should be taken.

  1. Fill the sink with warm water and dishwashing liquid
  2. Thoroughly wet a clean dish towel with this liquid
  3. Wipe down your countertops with the wet dishtowel
  4. Dry and buff the surface with a microfiber cloth or soft terry towel

Repeat this process daily or as often as required.

Disinfect If You Must

Granite does not attract bacteria, but you can disinfect it if you want to.

This can be done using a 50:50 solution of water and 91% isopropyl alcohol. Spray this solution onto the granite and leave it to work its magic for 5 minutes.

Afterward, rinse the countertop with water and dry it with a clean microfiber cloth.

Not only will this kill any stray germs but it will remove any soapy residue and add an attractive shiny veneer to your countertop.

TLC for Optimum Granite Maintenance

Be gentle on your granite countertops. Granite is tough, but rough handling will eventually leave marks.

Avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners such as vinegar, bleach, or Windex. Scouring pads and abrasive sponges are a no-no.

Take care to wipe up spills and crumbs as they happen and wipe down your counters regularly. This will keep them as smooth and shiny as the day they were installed for many years to come.

Granite is Our Game

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