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Granite Tile vs. Granite Slab Countertops: Which is right for your Atlanta kitchen?

Granite as a material for kitchen countertops is certainly a popular choice. Granite countertop slabs and tiles offer timeless elegance to any kitchen and also add value to your property as a whole. However, there is one potential drawback if you are investing in a granite slab countertop and that is the cost factor. Those who want to benefit from the appearance of granite without paying a higher price should consider granite tiles, since this is a more affordable option.

By comparing granite tile and granite slab options you can decide which would be better suited for you and your home. Below are some considerations:

  • Appearance – granite slabs offer a sleek one piece countertop in a variety of hues and colors, whereas, granite tiles will have grout between each tile. The grout can be made to look less obvious, but the fact remains that this is the most evident difference between the two options.
  • Installation – both granite slab and granite tile countertops should be installed by professionals. However, if you have tiling experience, you can install the granite tiles yourself and save on those costs.
  • Cleaning and maintenance – slabs have the advantage of being one piece with no crevices or grouted areas that require extra attention. Tiles will require some additional maintenance. Apart from this, both can be kept clean without the use of harsh chemicals using a damp, soft cloth.

In terms of natural beauty and maintenance, granite countertop slabs are a great option, however, in terms of affordability, the choice of granite tiles is a very good alternative.

Granite countertop slab and tile options available at AA Marble & Granite

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