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How does natural granite become a countertop slab?

Granite is a natural stone which has to be extracted from the earth before it can be cut and processed into the beautiful countertop slabs you see in the market today. Kitchen countertop manufacturers, such as AA Marble & Granite, LLC in Atlanta, GA, use heavy duty digital templating machines to take high precision measurements of the countertop areas in your kitchen.

When you visit our showroom, you will be able to choose the exact slab you want for your kitchen. Our service consultants will take the measurements and create the drawings to ensure accurate measurements before the cutting takes place. Some kitchen countertop shapes are more complex than others, which is why a kitchen countertop manufacturer needs to take particular care to make certain the joints and seams are perfectly located and that the veins and patterns of the granite are not disrupted.

After the overall cutting has been done, the finer detailing can take place. This type of detailing includes custom edging, polishing the seams, joints and edges and the required cut-outs for sinks or cooktops.

As you can see, AA Marble & Granite, LLC takes care of the entire process from start to finish. As a homeowner, your first step should be visiting our showroom to see our wide variety of granite and marble on display. Make sure the company you partner with is able to not only supply the granite, but to design, cut and install the entire kitchen countertop for you. You should choose only the most professional installer to ensure that your countertop is exactly what you want. Contact us for more information today.

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