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How to Choose Custom Countertops for Small Kitchens

How to Choose Custom Countertops for Small Kitchens

Do you find yourself struggling for counter space in your small kitchen? Are you debating a remodel to maximize the functionality of your counters?

Countertops can vastly impact the appearance and usability of your counters for all of your kitchen needs.

There are many factors to consider when planning your tiny kitchen remodel. Consult a countertop specialists near Norcross, The overall goal is usually to make the room appear larger.

The furniture choices, layout, light, color, and style can all impact how spacious your kitchen appears. But countertops are one of the few aspects that can truly give you more space to cook.

Read on to learn how to choose the right custom countertops for your home.

Color and Style

The color of a countertop is one of the first things you see when choosing the one for you.

In a small kitchen, lighter and brighter is typically better because it will reflect any light and bring a modern appeal.

White and lighter neutral shades are perfect to give the appearance of space. Lighter shades also tend to bring a cozy, sleek feeling to the room.

Also, consider the style of the countertops when selecting the perfect option.

Based on your preference, you can choose a matte finish, a single color, or a swirl of color to fit your unique style.


In picking the best custom countertops, the material should always be considered.

Granite is often the best option in terms of its beauty and durability, and it can be maintained with ease.

Counters often are multipurpose in nature, utilized for cooking, sorting mail, doing homework, and more.

Therefore, durability is key, and granite is only superseded by diamond in its hardness.

There may be less expensive options than granite, but no material but granite itself can stand the test of time.

Custom Countertops

Custom countertops are another important consideration because they can be used to maximize space like other solutions can't.

In customization, you can fit the counter directly with your space, and work with an expert on how to do so.

As well, you can adjust the dimensions and the depth to your liking. This gives you the option to add valuable inches to your workspace.

It also allows for special additions such as breakfast nooks and kitchen islands that may not have been an option before.

In any situation, countertops that are designed for your space will help increase your ability to use them.

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We also offer custom-designed countertops to fit unique spaces such as yours. No matter what your needs or ideas are, talking with a counter-expert is key.

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