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How to choose the right granite slabs to go with the colors of your kitchen cabinets and paint

Granite comes in such a wide variety of colors that you can find virtually any color palette you can dream of. If you are renovating your Atlanta home, or simply looking to upgrade your kitchen countertop or cabinets, then it is crucial that you research your options so that everything looks well together.

Here are a few ways to make sure your paint and cabinets match your granite countertop:

  1. Narrow down your granite options

Most people will know from the beginning that they want a dark color granite, a beige or brown color, or other colors of granite. When visiting a granite showroom, bring in samples of the other colors in your kitchen, such as the walls and the cabinets. This way you will see the impact the different colors of granite will have on the other elements.

  1. Look at the veins and flecks of color

You may wish to have a more solid color for your kitchen countertops or you may want grante that has patterns or other colors. Study the veins and flecks of color on each granite slab that you are interested in. These colors will form part of the color palette you have so you want to be sure that all colors in your kitchen will go together well.

  1. Visit our showroom

Visit our granite showroom and allow our experts to help you choose the right granite countertop slabs that will complement your kitchen.

A bit of extra effort, research and planning can help you save a lot of money and choose your colors correctly the first time. For more advice about matching granite colors with paint and kitchen cabinets, contact AA Marble & Granite, LLC in Atlanta today.

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