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How to choose the right marble countertops for your bathroom

While many people already have marble countertops in their kitchens, an increasing number are considering marble countertop installation for their bathrooms. Not only are these countertop surfaces elegant, classic and durable, they are also ideal for bathroom installations due to their hygienic and sanitary nature.

When choosing a type of marble for your bathroom, you need to choose the type of pattern that you want in the marble. The options are wide and can be veined or consistent in color. Both types of marble have the same structural qualities, but only differ in appearance. Consistent marble patterns maintain the same appearance throughout the slab, which ensures that the entire bathroom countertop surface has the same design. A veined pattern will have swirls or straight markings, making each slab unique. When opting for a veined pattern, you need to be able to choose the exact portion of the marble slab that you want to use for your bathroom countertop.

Visit our showroom to be sure you select the right slab for your project. Small samples or pictures are not sufficient to make the right decision. While the overall colors may be similar, the unique tones, characteristics and movement cannot be seen or appreciated in a sample. You need to view the full size slab that would be used to fabricate your countertops.

When you partner with AA Marble & Granite, LLC for your marble countertops, you will have the widest selection of top quality marble at your disposal. We offer close to 2,000 exotic and basic stone selections with a variety of edge profile options. We also offer a wide variety of high quality sink selections. Besides the top rated products we offer, we will be able to install your new bathroom countertop in just 7 to 10 business days.

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