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How to design the perfect outdoor kitchen

As far as outdoor kitchens go, these can add value to your lifestyle and to your property, especially if you use top notch materials such as granite slabs. Outdoor kitchens should reflect your home’s style and appeal. Unfortunately, inferior craftsmanship or cheap design and building methods will deteriorate quickly. If you would like to design the perfect outdoor kitchen, you need to use top quality materials.

Protective and weatherproof outdoor cabinets and countertops are essential when designing the perfect outdoor kitchen. In fact, your kitchen countertops are important because they will provide protection to the cabinets below beyond being the primary surface for food preparation. You need something that is durable, weatherproof and hygienic. While some hard woods can withstand the outdoors, we advise on installing granite countertops for the best possible results and for convenience in terms of maintenance. Your granite fabricator should be able to offer cultured granite slab options with UV stabilizers.

What makes granite kitchen countertops the ideal choice for your new outdoor kitchen?

  • Granite is scratch resistant which means it will look good longer.
  • Granite is a natural stone that is also UV resistant, so it won’t fade or look worn out when exposed to the elements.
  • The nearly non-porous surface of granite is extremely water resistant, which means it won’t easily absorb stains and odors.
  • You can have the granite stone slab honed in order to achieve the same matte finish of soapstone or bluestone. Though popular, both soapstone and bluestone are not ideal for use in outdoor environments.

Below are a few more design tips for outdoor kitchens:

  • Always use good kitchen design principles. All functional zones must be considered.
  • Select low maintenance equipment and materials. Remember that since you don’t have walls to protect the kitchen, everything that is not a permanent fixture needs to have designated storage space.
  • Make sure that you plan for utilities before the kitchen is installed. You will need practical placements for gas, water, and electricity.
  • Consider the type of lighting the outdoor kitchen will need. Ambient lighting is ideal, but perhaps have your lighting linked to a dimmer switch, so that you can match the mood to each occasion.

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