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Maintenance and repair of granite countertops in Atlanta, GA

A granite countertop is one of the most luxurious, timeless items you can add to your kitchen. AA Marble and Granite in Atlanta has installed many kitchen countertops for both residential and commercial clients, making us the experts for anything related to granite installations.

Whether you already have a granite countertop or you are considering a new installation, there are a few things you should keep in mind regarding the maintenance and repair of these countertops.

Make sure your granite countertop slab does not absorb liquid

Granite does not stain, but if it is not properly sealed, it will absorb liquid and how much depends on its porosity. The best advice is to clean up any spilled liquid immediately. However, depending on the liquid, what may look like a stain at first may, in many cases, be just a dark area that will dry and disappear with time. Consult your local countertop specialist if you see your granite color becoming discolored.

Cleaning your granite countertop

You should use a mild soap, some water and a soft cloth to clean natural stone, including granite. The best option, however, is to use a cleaning solution that has been specifically made for your granite countertop.

Sealing and resealing

Homeowners can seal their granite countertops themselves. Just apply the sealing solution to a dry, clean countertop with a soft cloth. Some suppliers recommend for you to apply the sealer on an annual basis, but some types of granite are harder than others and may never have to be resealed.


Damaging your granite countertop is not likely since granite is such a hard substance. You want to take care, though, with items that might scratch the granite. You also want to protect your knives since cutting on granite could damage your knives. Always use a cutting board.

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