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Cover your walk-in shower walls with marble slabs for a durable, luxurious look and feel

Walk-in showers are one of the most requested bathroom upgrades in modern Atlanta homes. Whether you are remodeling an existing walk-in shower or you are looking to upgrade your current shower to a walk-in shower, there are several reasons why you should consider covering the shower walls with marble. Here are a few:

Marble is the least porous of many of the other wall covering options available. It is also a very hard stone with a very smooth finish. Marble also comes in a wide variety of colors and you can choose unique vein patterns to customize the look and feel according to your home and bathroom design.

The maintenance of marble walk-in shower walls is minimal. Marble is very easy to care for and you can find standard natural stone cleansers at any grocery store or mass merchandise store. Simply wipe down the marble walls during your weekly cleaning using any mild soap or one of the commercial cleansers available and water. Marble should be cleaned often as you do not want to allow any dirt or grime to build-up, but luckily cleaning is easy with marble.

One thing to keep in mind when covering a walk-in shower wall with marble is that marble needs to be sealed. The recommended time frame for sealing any natural stone is once every six months. At a minimum, make sure you seal your marble shower walls at least once a year.

Want to invest in beautiful, high quality marble shower walls? Contact AA Marble & Granite, LLC in Atlanta today. We are leaders in the industry and have a wide variety of colors and patterns available for your marble shower.

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