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Marble vs. Granite Kitchen Countertops

Should you choose marble countertops or granite countertops for your home? This is the dilemma that many homeowners face, as both stones are beautiful and come in an array of dazzling colors. There are some important differences between the two stones however, so we have outlined these in order to allow you to select the best stone for your needs.

  • Installation and price. Both marble and granite need to be installed by a professional because both stones are incredibly heavy and difficult to handle. Overall, granite prices are generally lower than marble prices, making it a more affordable choice. If you opt for marble, you might consider purchasing tiles because these are more cost-effective than buying entire slabs.
  • This is an important factor, especially in the kitchen where countertops receive a lot of wear and tear. Granite is well known for being the most durable natural countertop material on the market and for resisting chips and cracks. Granite can handle hot pots and pans being placed directly on its surface. Marble is also very strong and resistant to damage, but it will stain much easier because it is a much more porous stone.
  • Many people prefer the natural look of granite and granite countertops are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Others prefer the elegant look of marble, which is most commonly available in black or white and is easily recognizable.
  • Repairs and maintenance. If you re-seal your granite countertops on a regular basis, they will be very resistant to stains and you can fill in small scratches and dings with resin from any home improvement store. Marble countertops can be repaired similarly to granite, but more significant damage will require professional assistance.

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