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Natural Stone Showcase: Quartzite Countertops

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re in the market for natural stone countertops, then you almost certainly know about granite and marble, and the benefits that these two forerunners of the countertop industry offer; what you may not know is that there are other, equally suitable natural stone options for your kitchen or bathroom that are just as durable, practical, and beautiful as granite and marble can be.

Today, we’re showcasing the natural stone known in the industry as quartzite; this metamorphic rock is formed from the heating and compression of sandstone deep underground, and often dates back thousands of years. After the stone has been quarried from the ground, it’s cut into a slab, polished to a mirror shine, and sealed to improve the overall durability of the stone and lock in the natural beauty of a freshly polished surface. Although quartzite is a natural stone, it’s often confused with a similarly-named, but very different engineered stone called quartz; as a consumer, it’s very important to understand that quartzite and quartz are two very different types of stone, each offering their own unique traits and quirks.

Most homeowners choose marble or granite simply because they’re the industry standard, and most people are comfortable making an investment in an extremely popular stone type as opposed the one that they know little about. If you’re curious about the benefits of quartzite countertops, then read on to find out how they can add value to your home.

  • When it comes to countertops, aesthetic appeal tends to be the first and most important factor that buyers consider; quartzite is similar to marble in appearance, with a limited but stunning palette of white and gray bases. It’s also common for quartzite to exhibit streaks of pink, red, yellow, blue, green, or even orange as a result of the minerals present during the stone’s formation.
  • Quartzite is, generally speaking, more affordable than marble, and is trending towards the less expensive spectrum of natural stone countertop materials; the specific look that you decide to go with, the thickness of the slab, the intricacy of the edge profile, and special fabrication needs are all factors that contribute to the overall cost of the final countertop.
  • As far as durability is concerned, quartzite is rated more durable than granite; highly resistant to chipping, scratching, heat, and bacteria, a well-sealed quartzite countertop can add value to your home for decades to come.

Like other natural stones, quartzite is relatively low-maintenance; with that being said, most pieces of natural stone benefit greatly from a strong sealant. Every stone that we sell is sealed before it’s installed in your home; however, we do recommend that you reseal your countertops every one to two years to maximize longevity. The resealing process is simple, and any homeowner can perform it with basic, inexpensive tools. We also recommend that you make a habit of cleaning up spills and messes on your countertops sooner rather than later; while it’s true that a good sealant will prevent quartzite from staining, particularly acidic liquids like juice or wine can slip through areas where the seal has worn thin. As a final point of advice, it’s best to avoid cutting directly on quartzite countertops, as they will dull your knives; also void using abrasive cleaning pads on your counters, lest they wear away your seal.

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