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Picking the Perfect Countertops

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At AA Marble & Granite, it’s extremely important to us that our customers are just as satisfied with their countertop purchase 20 years down the line as they were the day that they bought them; in fact, we make it a priority to match our customers with their ideal slab: a piece of high quality stone that fits all of their needs. Looking beyond aesthetic appeal, there are a few other key traits to examine in any stone that you’re interested in before you buy, and our countertop design experts are happy to outline exactly what you should expect from any slab in our inventory.

The first variable to consider during your countertop project is cost. Every family of stone in our inventory is priced within a range based on a variety of factors; that means that, for instance, within the granite family, costs vary significantly based on the particular stone sample you are interested in.

  • Most stones are priced, at least in part, on their availability; stone from a local quarry in a temperate area is likely to be cheaper than a slab from a far-flung quarry in Asia that’s only accessible for three months of the year.
  • Color and patterning play a large role in stone pricing; the more unique the overall look of the slab, the more you’re going to pay. We have a full online listing of our exotic offering, many of which boast unique and uncommon designs.
  • Generally speaking, toughness plays a part in pricing, with marble being the exception. The more durable or low-maintenance the stone, the more you’re likely to pay for it.

Speaking of durability, we recommend that all of our customers consider how tough they need their countertops to be; some varieties of natural stone are more susceptible to staining or physical damage than other, and choosing a stone that you’re comfortable maintaining is important.

  • If you’re looking for a stone that requires little to no maintenance, then granite and quartzite are both excellent options; quartzite, in particular, can replicate the look of marble without the fragility.
  • Although it’s rare for well-maintained countertops to chip, it can happen; in the case that your counters sustain mild to moderate damage, a stone repair specialist can often fix the problem right in your home.
  • Every type of stone that we offer benefits greatly from annual resealing; this process helps to prevent staining and reduces the likelihood of countertop damage. A notable exception to this rule is quartz; because quartz is a manufactured stone that incorporates resin into its construction, it never needs to be resealed.

As with any other fixture in your home, you should consider just how rough daily use will be on your counters. If you foresee significant daily use for your countertops, then you’re better off investing in a tougher stone now so that you won’t be paying to have it fixed a year down the road.

  • Most types of natural stone are absorbent, and can be stained by spilled liquids; even a sealed countertop can be damaged by acidic liquids like juice or wine. We recommend extra vigilance when it comes to keeping your countertops clean and spill-free.
  • Although most natural stone is inherently resistant to scratching, we don’t recommend that you make a habit of cutting on a bare counter; not only do you run the risk of damaging your stone, you’ll also blunt your knives
  • Generally speaking, darker stone is less absorbent and more likely to hide staining than lighter stone; if you’re expecting a variety of liquids to be spilled on your counters, you might consider going with a darker granite instead of a lighter marble.

Whatever your countertop needs are, the natural stone experts at AA Marble & Granite are here to help you pick the perfect slab for your kitchen or bathroom. To schedule your free countertop design consultation, give us a call at (770) 872-4066, email us at, or fill out our Quick Contact Form to get started.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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