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How to choose the right granite color for your kitchen countertop in Atlanta, GA

With so many different options for granite kitchen countertops in Atlanta, GA, the average homeowner can easily feel overwhelmed by all the color choices available. It doesn’t need to be this way. By using a few ways to eliminate different granite colors you can easily narrow your options down to just a few that will work the best for your home and space.

Homeowners new to granite are surprised to learn that certain granite colors cost more than others. So when shopping around for colors for your granite kitchen countertop, the first thing you need to make sure is that the colors you’re looking at fits in your budget. Here are a few other aspects to keep in mind.

Your kitchen’s size and lighting

When shopping around for granite color, consider the lighting and size of your kitchen. If the room doesn’t receive a lot natural light or is particularly small or dark, then choosing lighter color granite will probably be best. Darker colors may tend to make a room feel even darker or smaller.

Alternatively, when you have a large room that receives a great amount of natural light, darker colored granite may help to make the room feel cozier and more homely. It will all depend on the look you are after and what appeals to your style.

The cabinet color in the kitchen will also greatly impact which color you decide on. A handy tip is to hold a few granite samples next to the cabinetry to get a sense of the combined effect.

At AA Marble & Granite we offer our valued customers a fully comprehensive quote and will take care of the complete fabrication and installation of your granite kitchen countertop. The entire process can take as little as five to seven days from the time of template through to layout approval and installation. Contact AA Marble & Granite, LLC to discuss your granite kitchen countertop requirements in Atlanta, GA.