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Soaking in all the Renovation Ideas

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bathrooms are often one of the last renovations to be made in the long “to-do” lists of home renovations. They are often dreaded because of the lack of space or money needed to have your dream self-care space. Another leary obstacle is that this shared space is hard to find a theme that is inviting for everyone who occupies the space. So, here are some thought provoking ideas for your next bathroom countertops in Suwanee, GA renovation. 


Overall aesthetics

Ok, let’s dive into this makeover head first. What is your vibe? Are you looking for a modern feel with sleek lines of a marble countertop with metallic accents or maybe you're more of the farmhouse type with cracked paint, wooden slab open shelving and lots of greenery. No matter what side of the fence you're on, the bathroom is such a great space to invest in just for you! Creating a space to begin and end your day is important for finding the “me time” you deserve. 


Laying out the layout

The next thing to consider is the footprint of your space. So many times this is the most important room in the house to utilize best the space you are given. Do you currently have a half bath and are needing to create space for another full bath in your home? Perhaps you have a shower/ tub combo that you are wanting to convert into two separate units. Maybe you are hoping for a second vanity area with beautiful matching quartz countertops in your master bathroom. The obstacles of bathroom space is one of the major issues in any home. Finding your ultimate goal in functioning well in a household can be accomplished, but what do you need to get there? 


The Throne

The toilet space can be a tricky one. It is a space many find there only 5 minutes of silence every few hours. Does your space allow for a private throne room or do you find your most vulnerable moments in the smallest corner or even worse smack dab in the center of the room. The placement of a toilet can make or break a space for some. Another important factor to consider is the size of your toilet. If your family tends to grow on the larger and taller side, I'm sure size is a key factor in choosing your next toilet. Does the size and placement of your porcelain seat matter to you?


It’s all a wash

There are many days watching your day being washed away down the tub drain is highly stress relieving. Many live for that spa time, and the perfect bathtub is important. This is another area where size matters. The basic shower/tub combo will not do for many. A garden tub or even better yet a stand alone tub is the only thing that will do the trick. Yet, no bathroom is complete without a shower to go along with it. Whatever needs you find in the cleansing department, make sure you leave room in your budget to create a space that is perfect for your family.


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