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The five most popular granite colors in Atlanta, GA

There is a wide range ofgranite colors available today. Whatever design your kitchen is, there is a granite countertop color that will fit perfectly. As with all interior design elements, trends come and go. Fortunately, granite is timeless and will not lose its color or appeal. You should consider the entire look and feel of your home when choosing a color for your countertop to be sure it will blend in well.

If you are remodeling your kitchen or considering investing in a granite countertop slab, here are a few popular granite colors to consider.

Light colors

Instead of hosting dinner parties where guests are served in the dining room, today people are hosting get-togethers where everyone is involved in the food preparation. This has led to creating light, welcoming kitchen spaces. Granite countertop colors that work well with this trend are ivory, whites and greys.

Espresso colored kitchens

Another trend is to install wooden cabinets and match everything from the hardware and countertops to the espresso or latte colors. This creates a warm feeling. Granite countertop colors that will compliment this theme are browns, beiges and ambers.

Pastel colors

Pastels have evolved from being a purely feminine color to being used more as a softer element to humanize the more structural elements in a home. This trend has interior designers using granite that has light rose or violet colored veins for example.

Blues, silvers and metallics

Blues, silvers and metallic colors can imitate space-like environments. These are colors that appeal to people who want to create the feeling of the sky and stars. Lunar textures can be recreated by specifying white and grey granite in your kitchen.

Environmental feeling

People are looking for more ways to bring nature into their homes. Besides displaying everything from wheat grass and bamboo in kitchens, an increasing number of people are opting for plain white or black granite countertops in order to recreate the simplicity of nature.

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