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Three different finishes for granite kitchen countertops

Installing granite countertops in your kitchen will add modern elegance to your home, as well as increase its value, but choosing the right finish to suit your home is important. The granite color, texture and shade can make all the difference when trying to create the right aesthetic appeal. Below are three finishes that are popular for granite kitchen countertops:

  • Polished finish – this leaves the granite surface looking sleek and shiny. The high gloss finish is achieved by a grinding and buffing process. The polished finish is known for its ability to truly bring out the granite color and character.
  • Honed – this offers a more satin-smooth finish and is often thought to be a matte finish. It is achieved through a sanding process. Flaws are more easily concealed with this type of finish and it is less slippery than the polished finish. When choosing a honed finish for your granite countertops, you will not have a reflection on the surface.
  • Leathered finish – this leaves the granite countertop slab looking and feeling rough and “river washed” weathered. This granite finish does not offer a shine and also doesn’t show any smudges or fingerprints. It is most often the finish of choice for dark granite colors.

It is best to talk with your granite fabricator about the required cleaning and maintenance for each type of finish as this can greatly affect your final choice.

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