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Cost Effective Kitchen Renovations

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So many over the past year have found themselves with the desire to update their living spaces. Naturally, one of the most used rooms in a home is the kitchen. This is where families create and enjoy meals, share stories over dinner, put together puzzles on the dining table, and enjoy  endless laughs at game nights. In order to maintain that ideal kitchen look, it is most important to prioritize your spending. What is it that you most desire to spend your budget on, and how can you minimize your budget in other areas. 



One of the major investments for kitchen countertops in Alpharetta, GA. If you are looking to spend your budget on this item, you can find many options. Possible higher budget countertops might be quartz or marble. Both of these high end choices are great for any home looking to make a bold statement in their kitchen/ dining area. If this is an are you are looking to minimize on your budget, some other affordable options might be a ceramic tile, granite or even concrete countertops. 



Brand new cabinets are one way to update any kitchen renovation fast. The price of cabinetry can vary, but much of the cost comes with demolition and installation of new cabinets. For those of you looking for an easier DIY, simply replacing the cabinet doors is an easily obtainable goal. This will allow for an easy “face lift” to your kitchen space. Also, if you find yourself with sturdy cabinets the most simple project would be to repaint them to any color of your choice. Adding new hardware or spray painting the ones you have can also make such a drastic improvement to the looks of your space. 



Many homeowners choose to spend their money wisely on the flooring. This can make or break the look of any home. Oftentimes, if you are renovating there is no telling what you might find under that 70’s linoleum flooring. Some get luck and find beautiful old wood flooring that was common throughout the entire home in the earlier years of an older renovation. If this is the case, your investment in refinishing the floors would be highly beneficial to the look and value of your home. For others, that subflooring hiding under the tiling, isn’t exactly what you were hoping for. Fear not! There are several options that are much more affordable. Painting kits are available for purchase if you are looking to cut some corners on the cost in this area. Tiling and affordable laminate flooring are also an option. 



The backsplash just might be the easiest place to minimize your budget. Using stencil painting over any flat surface can easily give the space a tiled look for minimal cost. There are many actual tile options that fall into a more affordable price range as well. If you've left room in your budget for some more pricey options, luxury tiles are a lovely addition to any kitchen area. 

No matter where you choose to spend your hard earned dollar, remember finding your style and prioritizing your spending is key to any successful renovation. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]