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Top Kitchen Trends of 2021

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]After many months in quarantine and being locked in our homes it’s not a surprise that many home owners are taking notice of their outdated countertops. The kitchen is practically the most used space in the home. Investing in the renovation of any element in your kitchen can prove to invaluable. With more home owners planning home projects and opting to update their space here are some the top kitchen trends you can expect in 2021. 

Contrasting Kitchen Islands 

Almost 50 percent of kitchen remodels choose a contrasting color for their countertop island. The key is choose a color that doesn’t match the cabinets, nothing to crazy, we recommend grey or blue hues. Expect to see the contrasting kitchen island trend in 2021 and more standout colors in countertops island for kitchen remodels.

Extending Backsplash

The standard backsplash is around 4 inches. Why not extend your backsplash up to the cabinets or cover the entire the area up to the range hood. More than 50 percent of remodelers are going this route. The key here is use a modern, clean sleek design rather than going bright and bold.

Bigger Pantries More Storage 

Another common trend with kitchen remodelers has to do with the Pantry. With so much storage needed for canned goods and extra toilet paper since the pandemic, the need for pantry space is on the rise. A small percent of remodelers recommend going with a walk in pantry when updating you’re cabinets. We are spending much more time at home and stocking up on supplies its no wonder more cabinet storage is needed. 

Quality Quartz 

Marble countertops are still a top Trend in 2021 while quartz countertops are a just as popular alternative. The reason being is the look of luxury. The other advantage is that they are durable and honestly easy to care for. When it comes to remodeling Quartz countertops in Alpharetta are a great return on investment. 

The Dark Side 

On the complete opposite site of the spectrum we also see the dark kitchen countertops to be trending. This trend emerged as a result of the change toward two tone kitchens. Dark worktops offset the lighter cabinets adding the the look of sophistication and help make the space feeling inviting. 

Statement Faucet 

Lets face it no kitchen is complete without a faucet, and here is where small touches can make a big impact. Go beyond just the idea of function and opt for a modern color blocked design, we recommend shiny metallics to help shift the flow of your kitchen. For an added touch keep the color similar to your cupboard finishes to stay consistent. 

Looking Local

2020 has made many of us think about where we source the items we have in our home. With that in mind a 2021 kitchen trend is to consider looking for local retailers, designers, suppliers, and fabricators when remodeling the kitchen. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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