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Granite countertops offer a blend of elegance and durability, making them a popular choice for homeowners and designers in Norcross, GA. The installation and fabrication process of these custom countertops is a meticulous task, often performed by skilled artisans who ensure each slab fits perfectly in the intended space. In Norcross, the demand for these luxurious surfaces is particularly high along bustling streets like Peachtree Industrial Boulevard and Holcomb Bridge Road. These areas, known for their commercial and residential growth, are frequented by locals seeking high-quality granite options. With a range of colors and patterns available, granite countertops in Norcross not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space but also add to its functionality and value.

In Norcross, GA, the charm and sophistication of granite countertops can be seen across various hotspots and neighborhoods. Jimmy Carter Boulevard, a major thoroughfare, is lined with showrooms and warehouses where residents can explore a vast selection of granite options. Meanwhile, historic downtown Norcross, with its quaint architecture and vibrant community, has seen a rise in custom countertop installations in both homes and businesses, reflecting the area’s blend of tradition and modernity. Buford Highway is another key location where granite enthusiasts flock, drawn by the variety of styles and finishes available. These areas, along with the bustling intersections near Beaver Ruin Road and Spalding Drive, underscore Norcross’s reputation as a hub for high-quality granite countertop fabrication and installation, catering to a range of tastes and design preferences. 

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Granite Counter Installation Norcross

Your kitchen is considered the heart of the home and your countertops provide family and guest with the first impression of the space. If you have new granite countertops you’ll enjoy showing off them. At AA Mable & Granite we make sure your space is a masterpiece from the moment you set foot in your kitchen.

AA Marble & Granite stocks a large variety of granite countertops in Norcross, Ga. We do fabrication in house at our Norcross facility to make sure your granite countertops are cut perfectly and fit you space to your exact specifications. We utilizing the latest forms fo technology and produce countertops that standout and look lavish in your home. We provide high quality stones that are durable, see out granite countertop specials for the best prices in Norcross.

Our team handles the entire process from start to finish, we even have sink selections, edge profiles, and apply sealer for your countertops to keep moisture from getting into the porous surface. We will also show you how to maintain your counters and provide tips for care.

If you want to make a strong first impression for your kitchen or bathroom, contact AA Marble and Granite at 770-341-0666 let us show you how easy it can be to have new countertops in your Norcross Home.

Revamp Your Kitchen with Trendsetting Granite Countertops in Norcross

Considered a sign of luxury and success for decades, granite countertops are highly sought-after fixtures in the real-estate market. At AA Marble & Granite, our mission is to provide Norcross granite countertops that stand that test of time and daily use while also bringing market value and elegance to your property; for nearly three decades, we’ve employed a highly experienced team of natural stone experts that care as much about every project that comes through our doors as the clients that bring them do.

Granite has a well-earned reputation of durability and raw, natural beauty that other stones can’t match; all of our granite slabs are handpicked for the very best in toughness and aesthetic appeal and shipped from quarries and suppliers across the globe. We reinforce our Norcross granite countertops in-house to prevent structural weak points, and our fabrication division is staffed by exceedingly talented individuals who boast a combined level of industry experience in excess of 100 years.

Crafting Excellence: Bespoke Granite Countertops for Norcross Homes

  • Norcross granite kitchen countertops are built to last; granite is incredibly resistant to scratches, to the point that cutting on it will dull your knives. Granite also boasts a remarkable resistance to staining and bacteria when sealed properly.
  • Any home or office benefits from Norcross granite bathroom countertops; not only does granite add additional value to your property, it also provides an eye-catching focal point to a room that often lacks one, like the bathroom.
  • Granite is a completely natural stone that is mined from the ground and installed in your home; unlike synthetic countertops, there’s no need to worry about Norcross granite countertops containing harmful or toxic materials or wearing out over time. 

Norcross's Gateway to World-Class Granite Countertops: Style and Substance

Whether you already have a specific stone picked out or you want to consider all of your options, finding a slab is only half of the battle; you need a Norcross granite countertop designer that is as dedicated to your countertop project as you are. At AA Marble & Granite, we make it our mission to offer a specialized team of highly trained experts with the experience necessary to handle your project, all under the umbrella of a turnkey operation capable of functioning with the reliability and integrity that has made us a preferred name in Norcross granite countertops.

  • We keep our customers happy and informed, no matter what; we sit down with you one-on-one and review an itemized contract in detail before you pay a cent, and we invite you to be involved personally in every step of the Norcross granite countertop fabrication and installation process.
  • We’ve operated from the same showroom since 1990, and we’ve done extensive work in both commercial and residential Norcross granite countertop fabrication and installation.
  • AA Marble & Granite is an accredited member of the Marble Institute and the Better Business Bureau with an +A rating; over the years, we’ve also been blessed by our customers with hundreds of positive reviews that serve to document our work. 

Granite Countertops in Norcross: A Fusion of Natural Beauty and Modern Living

If you have questions about Norcross granite countertops, or you want to get started as soon as possible, we invite you to schedule a complimentary, no-pressure consultation with one of our granite experts. Call us at (770) 341-0666, email us at, or fill out our Quick Contact Form to get started  

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Visit our Atlanta design showroom and let one of our professional and experienced stone countertop design consultants work with you to pick out the perfect stone slab that works best with your color scheme and design. While at the showroom, you can mix and match over 250 fabricated samples on 18 different colored cabinet vignettes. Your new granite, marble, or natural stone countertop not only adds beauty to your kitchen and home, it also helps increase its value!


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